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Friday, November 17, 2006

It's only 11:30??

Thursday night was definitely interesting. After a 30 minute cab ride in the rain to go basically 12 blocks, it already started off a little bizzare.

We headed on over to the Cool vs. Cruel party that the Humane Society was doing at SOL. If you ask me, the party was definitely more Cruel than Cool considering how we were basically one of only about 15 people there in a space that arguably fits at least 300. The bitch at the door had the audacity to ask me for my name so she could check it off the list. I suppose it's good to have my name checked off on a list, but at the same time part of me was thinking *Bitch, there's nobody else here. If I just came off the street in tattered clothes, you should still let me in just to take up some space!*

I feel bad for the following people:
  • p.i.n.k. Vodka, because they sponsored the event and surely didn't get the exposure they were hoping for.
  • Mickey Boardman, because he was one of the judges and basically had to show up to a party that was on the edge of Manhattan... in the rain
  • Jay McCarroll, for the same reason as Mickey Boardman, and because if he's going to be a designer, then he needs to actually sell some clothes.
  • Michael Lucas, because just like me, I'm sure he was wondering why the fuck he made the trek out to SOL.
  • Anyone who was hungry, because they had an entire spread of vegetarian flavor-free food that did more to fuck up your breath than satiate your hunger. HOW do you even fuck up hummus???
  • Me and my friends, hello -- because we were there!!! (Ok, and I tried the hummus...)
Thankfully we recouped our losses by taking a number of these stuffed animal baby seals they had out. I think there was one in the gift bag, too. By the way, if anyone wants a DVD of Jay talking about animal rights, including scenes of animals being bludgeoned, email me and I'll send it to you! :)

SALVATION! After fleeing the animal rights party, and kicking a stray cat on my way into the cab (jk! even though I hate cats), we went headed Home, to the Instinct Magazine party. Much better! There were actually people there, hot models, and cute boys. Thank god!

Earlier that evening, I'd bumped into a friend of mine who is in The Ones, and he mentioned they were performing at the party. We made it in time to hear them perform Flawless.

So pretty much the number and quality of people at the party made it significantly better than the previous one. Oh, and the gift bags helped, too. Rather, it helped that there was more in the gift bag than a DVD of Jay McCarroll. And if it was going to be a DVD of Jay McCarroll, it would have been Project Runway Season # whatever-the-fuck-it-was. Speaking of Project Runway, as I was leaving I bumped into Malan Breton, which was nice surprise since I hadn't seen him since Fashion Week.

When the whole night was over, we were trashed beyond belief, stumbled out onto the street, felt like death, looked at our watches and realized it was only 11:30. Sad, but efficient.


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