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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Living Off the Street

A friend of mine has adopted this mentality that whatever he needs, the Street will provide it. It's a hilarious concept based on multiple experiences which, if I were to have had them, would lead me to a similar theory.

To date, my friend has found Weed, Scissor Sister tickets, and a Halloween Costume all on the street. I, in turn, have found 20-bucks on the street.

Whatever you need, the street shall provide it.

The weed was found around his apartment. One day he was just walking along the street, looked down, and suddenly there it was -- a bag of weed -- right in front of him. He looked around and then snatched it up. Score!

I was walking with a friend to dinner one night near my apartment, saw a folded up $20 on the ground and didn't even break stride to reach down and pick it up. Thank you, Free Dinner.

He'd been wanting to go to the Scissor Sisters concert for a while, but general admission tickets were $125 (ridiculous, if you ask me!). Suddenly he found himself walking past Hammerstein (where the concert was at) and was offered tickets for $40 by some random guy on the street.

Halloween night, we were walking along 8th Avenue and he found a pair of fairy wings on the street. Instant costume! How crazy is that?! Well, the wings lasted all of 3 pictures before they were ditched, but still... it was good times.

While he's not ready to fully embrace the Street yet, he did say that if he ever found a bag of blow while walking down the street then that will be the day that he gives up his apartment and just moves to the sidewalk because at that point the Street will have provided him with everything he could ever need: sex, clothing, entertainment, and drugs.


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