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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Party in the Ghetto

Just another amusing conversation between me and a friend...

Friend: hello dear
Me: yo
Friend: i'm about to go watch football and drink beer (because i'm so very butch). i just wanted to say hi
Me: thanks :-) hi :-)
Friend: i'm just waiting for my boy Edgar to show up
Me: Jesus, you've got a new boy every week!
Me: I hope Edgar is more attractive than his name
Friend: Edgar's straight
Friend: Monday is straight night
Me: oh, that sucks
Friend: he's 40 and 5'1" and puerto rican, also
Me: oh.. my.. god
Friend: so even if he were a homo
Friend: i'd be uninterested
Me: uhhhh... even if you were a girl, you'd be uninterested
Friend: well, he's got a really good body
Friend: and, rumor has it, a 9" cock
Me: well thank god for that
Me: ahhh redeeming qualities
Me: that's still fuckin' nasty. 5'1" is like 2'short
Friend: yes
Friend: he gets ghetto bitches
Me: like, other Mexicans midgets?
Friend: like, puerto rican babymamas with men's names tattooed on their necks
Me: HOT!
Friend: that's my neighborhood!
Me: fantastic :-) Remind me to visit you real soon...


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