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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Projectile Footwear

Seems like everyone's going the way of Flotilla lately, just hurling shoes at people when they get angry...

Friend: Did i tell you about fighting a tranny?
Me: Holy Shit!!! HAHAHA!! No!
Friend: i fought a tranny this past weekend. she threw a shoe at me. well, more accurately, she threw a hooker-boot at me
Me: why?! what happened?
Friend: she grabbed me
Friend: while she was working the corner
Friend: so i jerked away
Me: what the fuck?!
Friend: and she said, "ASSHOLE!" and threw her hooker boot
Friend: at that point
Friend: it was on
Friend: i chased after her, which was easy, as she was wearing one hooker boot and had one foot barefoot
Friend: and proceeded to punch her several times
Friend: once she was on the ground, i kicked her and left
Me: Stop!!! She's not a motherfuckin' pinata!! Ain't no candy gonna fall out if you kick the shit out of her!
Me: We can't have fag-on-drag crime!!! That's unacceptable!


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