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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We Bring Awkward Experiences to Life

God bless technology and all it's done for us. Unlike the Amish, we can now drive at ludicrous speed and live under lights all through the night.

However, there's a sinister, downside to technology that few people acknowledge. It has facilitated numerous awkward interactions that would otherwise have never happened.

For instance, a friend was recently reunited with his father whom he hadn't seen for years, as a result of a MySpace profile. "Who I want to meet: My children [name], [name], and [name]." My friend's brother's profile: "Who I want to meet: My father". Very sweet and cute, I think. However, it was an awkward interaction for my friend.

Old High School friends who pop up out of nowhere and who you barely remember because who can remember ANYTHING from High School (unless you were the 'star quarterback' and that's basically where your life peaked). That's an awkward conversation when you have to ask a slew of questions just to figure out how the hell you knew the person only to realize that it's someone you really wanted to avoid talking to all together because she was like captain of the Yearbook Committee.

Or better yet, a friend's ex-boyfriend stalking you on Friendster only to ask you questions to which he obviously knows the answer. Somehow I'm compelled to respond just to play the game.

So yes, technology is a wonderful thing. But if this shit keeps up, I may join the Amish. I'd rather get a bullet shot at me than an awkward Friendster message! (too soon??)


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