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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

And my new boyfriend is..... ???

... Eric Case! OK, he's not really my boyfriend, but he's young, cute, and works at Google. That implies a number of things:
  1. He's smart
  2. He's cute
  3. He's probably making BANK
  4. He's cute
  5. He's either based in Silicon Valley or four blocks away from me in NYC
Check out my man!! Awww, how adorable. Click the picture below and you can see a video of him. Technology is fun!!!

Moreover, we both wear hoodies and since his eyes are so shifty in the video, I can only assume that come 4:20pm we'd both be steppin' out for a smoke break.

Thanks to whatever this blog is, since that's how I found him.

Eric -- email me!!!


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