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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Email Faux Pas

I don't understand how it's 2006 and people still don't know how to use the BCC function in their email.

I got an email today from a bar, promoting its Wednesday night. I usually just delete these things because I'm never all that interested. But this email, when you looked at the TO: field had every single email address listed out... complete with names!! That's just bad form. Now every dumbfuck on that list (many of whom are promoters and list acquirers) have all those email addresses to add to their lists.

It just bothers me because now my email address is being scattered across cyberspace waiting for SPAM to just clog up my inbox. More importantly, I find myself on random peoples' lists who I don't even know... for events I'm not even interested in. It's pointless.

Now, what is the proper way to deal with this? Do I email the promoter and explain email etiquette to him? Or do I just leave it alone? I assume I'll just do it in person, since it's easier to deal with people in person.

Second faux pas: some dumbass "replies to all" saying that he wants to be removed from the list! Ok, honestly, I don't need to know that you want to be removed from the list. Just email the promoter and deal with him. Moreover, I don't need THREE emails from the guy, christophe@theswimmingpools.com, saying he wants to be removed. One is sufficient. And yes, I'm a jackass for posting his email address, but he's a jackass for sending out pointless emails. So an eye for an eye.

People need to just learn how to use the BCC field in their email. Seriously.

In related news, I was out at a party and I think Lucy Liu was there. I didn't say anything to her because I had nothing to really say. "Loved you in Charlie's Angels???" Whatever. So instead, I avoiding making a potentially damagine social faux pas and just kept to myself. Nobody likes to be bothered by people they don't know. Gee, I think that's something christophe@theswimmingpools.com should understand. SO feel free to send him insane amounts of pointless email just to drive the point home.


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