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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gurl, You'll be a Woman Soon

I love my friends. They provide me with hours of endless entertainment! Just the diction of the whole conversation is enough to make me laugh. Keep in mind, this is a conversation I had with a girl, which makes the verbiage all the more hilarious.

Friend: um did you hear about Megan???
Me: no
Friend: she's a woman now
Me: SHUT UP!!!
Me: she got her period??
Me: it's about bloody time!!
Me: hahahah :-) Awwww :)
Me: awesome!!!! by whom?
Friend: her best friend
Friend: and someone she's been crushing on
Friend: for a year
Me: niiice
Friend: and he finally poked her thru
Me: "poked her thru"
Me: shut up!!!!!
Friend: and they didn't use a condom
Me: UHHHh.....
Me: wtf????
Friend: so she had to get the morning after
Me: SHUT UP!!!!!!
Friend: UM YEA
Me: Man... way to get the WHOLE experience!
Friend: INDEED
Me: jesus christ. now she should complete the process and go get tested
Friend: yea
Friend: for aids, chlymidia
Friend: the whole shebang
Me: haha, seriously. Cuz you're not really a woman until you've stomped out a possible fetus and then gotten tested afterwards. hahahaha
Me: swab that snatch!
Friend: hahahahha
Friend: i wonder if people who don't have sex shave
Friend: because it's like if you're not being seen
Friend: who cares
Me: omg, shut up!!! hahaha
Me: I guess that's true...
Me: maybe she doesn't even know that you should shave
Me: i'm not picky either way... as long as I'm not walking into a jungle
Me: though i'd rather it be like a golf course... no tall grass
Me: I can't be bustin' out the machete
Friend: yea i like cleanly manicured lawn
Friend: yea you dont want bristles in your teeth
Me: yeah, seriously
Me: shit can't be poking me in the eye


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