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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Let's Hear it for the Boy!

It seems that Boy George gave us something new of his to listen to: a song called Time Machine. Unfortunately, the YouTube 'community' gave him something to listen to as well: their feedback!

"I watched 30 seconds of it -.- ... no. just no. extrEMO....and just...How does this stuff get featured"

"dude im flagging this as violation of terms"


"OK, Who Took a Shit In The Video Camera?"

"This kinda sucks. Quote me if you think the same. :)"

"umm yea...the name "boy george" is already taken by an 80's star...yea..."

Of course, there were positive ones, but only way in the beginning, surely when his friends were able to leave comments. Not that I'm hating on him -- I'm all for former stars climbing back up the celebrity ladder. I mean, they can't really do much else, right? There isn't going to be a "Boy George, DDS" in the near future, ya reckon?

And now for your viewing pleasure...


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