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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Return of Rate-A-Rod

RateARod.com is amazing. It provides you with HOURS of pointless quasi-entertainment. The last time I was there, about a year ago, it was full of fun and interesting dicks to rate. Now it's apparently been swarmed by fugly cocks. So the site has turned into an exercise in stamina. How long can you last looking at nasty nubs before you find a pleasing penis?

For me, a more relevant question would be, "How long does it take before you come across a knob you know?" Well for me it took about 15 minutes. Slut alert!!

It actually works out really well as it's someone who's already linked to my blog. Trot on over and check it out: playfull4stud. Then you can click on the links to the right to view his One Gay Date at a Time blog.

I've actually never seen his dick in person, I just recognized the email address posted in his profile. Who does that?!?! By the way, his dick is currently rated 6.22 out of 10. Hrmmm.

Well, off to waste more time perusing peckers. Maybe I'll find even more that I recognize. This game is fun!!


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