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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ask that Gay Man about... Hair??

It's the height of irony that William Sledd did a video blog showing us all how he achieves that dreadful haircut of his. Now, William's cute and all, but his hair is just a mess. It's like quasi-Jennifer Aniston circa "when someone gave a shit about Jennifer Aniston".

The video, thankfully fast-forwarded, kind of alludes to the Dove "Evolution" ad where a girl is transformed via hair, makeup, and photoshop, into a proper print model. Unfortunately, this video just leaves us still in the "Before" phase and never reaches the "After" phase.

Just when you think it can't get any worse, you realize that he's simply not getting his hair cut, he's getting highlights! OK, it's coming up on February in a national freeze-over, so I don't care where he is, but he really shouldn't be getting highlights ... not just because it's barely close to being warm anywhere, but just that highlights in general are so done.

My favorite part of the video, however, is the hair "stylist", who seemed hot at first -- solely based on muscle mass -- but then quickly morphed into a femme queen. Fast forward to 5:22 in the video and you'll hear the best quote: "How should I pose? I don't want to be too gay". Too late, ma'am.


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