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Friday, January 26, 2007

Beasty and the Beast

A new "reality" show is set to hit the air in Holland toward the end of February. The show is called "Love at Second Sight". How cute. It's like the Side B track of Kylie's song.

Unfortunately there's really nothing cute at all about the show that was originally titled "Monster Love". The show is a "dating program for the visibly disfigured". Now, I'm really not trying to hate on the "visibly disfigured" because surely it must be hard having their life, so far be it from me to add any more pain to that. But, why on earth would anyone want to watch that? I don't think it would really fall under that "trainwreck" category where you have to watch it just because it's so gross. Rather, it would most likely fall into that "Operation Channel" category where you just change the channel after you've seen someone's spleen hit the floor, only to then see a doctor pick it up and sew it back into a body on the operating table. Ick!

I wanted to include a picture of "Sloth" from The Goonies, but honestly, I almost puked when I saw the picture, so I decided to spare others the same fate.


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