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Sunday, January 14, 2007


What the fuck is this??

Paula, honey. You need to straight up confess to whatever the hell drugs you were on. You're all whacked out, lookin' spellbound and basically under the influence, what with your fucked up hair and actin' like a crazy fool. I know it's all about feeling good, but hun you can't get all knocked out if you're gonna be seen on TV. I'm sure you'd really like to bend time back 'round so you can stop yourself from drinkin' all that booze and doing those lines of coke, but that's not possible. So seriously, it's time to do a 12-step and rush rush to a rehab clinic and pray for the promise of a new day. I know I may sound like a cold hearted bitch, but my love is for real. The choice is yours. Fix yourself, you washed up has-been!


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