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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Bad PR for "the Gays"

Is that PR for 'Public Relations' or 'Puerto Rican?' Who knows.

As if we didn't have to deal with nonsensical discrimination around marriage and the like, up springs this flitty abomination on -- where else? -- American Idol.

The tragic gay mess du jour is: Ian Benardo. With this swishy hips, elastic lips, repugnant accent, and his accosting 'How you been?'s, this social degenerate is exactly what the people in rectangle states (aka, middle America) doesn't need to see as their main portrayal of the homosexual population. Bad enough they saw Clay Aiken!

As we see in the first 10 seconds, he seems quite incapable of opening doors. A metaphor for his life? Probably.

People will do anything to be on TV, it seems. Even if it means portraying yourself as a horrible charicature of your sub-culture, they'll do it for their 15 minutes (or 6 minutes in this case) of fame.

The clip was almost too horrible to watch -- something like two cars colliding in slow motion -- but I sat through it. A friend sent it to me, since I'm so utterly uninterested in the middle-America sludge that is 'reality TV' (unless it's Project Runway!).

The sad thing is that this bitch was on 'So You Think You Can Dance', which means he's just working his way through the Reality TV circuit. Clearly it must be an act, but how pathetic to have to resort to such plebian, court jester-type means just to have your face on TV. In the end, what will it amount to? He'll be on Season 27 of the "Real World Road Rules Challenge: Topeka, Kansas"? Give me a break.

If I were Simon (God help me!), this is the advice I would have given him...

"Drop the faux-chilla pelt, lose the horrid accent, un-limp your wrist and get a fucking job. You're 25 years old and playing 'faux-diva' on season 6 [I don't even know] of American Idol, which means people are already getting sick of the show. Don't become Paula. Know when to stop and 'straight up now' get some real skills."


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