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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Gay Babies

I came across this letter to the editor at The Boston Globe from multiple blogs, blogs. It's just super sweet and PFLAG-a-licious. Yay for moms!

God's gay child

LOVE AND let love.

God gave me a gift, a wonderful son who happens to be gay. God does not give inferiors gifts. God does not make mistakes. This little boy that God gave to me is now a fine young man. But my son is treated like a second-class citizen by my church. Maybe my state constitution will treat him likewise. I pray that it will not.

If you had a gay loved one in your family you would be a better person. You would be sensitive to the discrimination gays endure. You would realize that they, too, are entitled to mutual love.

God will continue to send gay babies. We must take them into our hearts and our lives. That would please God.



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