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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

They Like Me! They Really Like Me!!

I've finally won the favor of the mexicans who work at the Cuban restaurant around the corner from my apartment. It only took 7 months!

Essentially I measure their affection the same way they do -- in food. The more food they give me, the more they love me. Yesterday they loved me mucho because they dished out a fuckload of food for me!

Unfortunately, they're still mexicans, so the service can sometimes be slower than one of them doing long division. But maybe one day that, too, will improve (the service, not their mathematical abilities). That would be amazing!! Lots of cheap food in a short amount of time. Someone should take that idea and mass-produce it. Then more mexicans can have mex-jobs!

Wow. I just solved the world's problems in a matter of seconds -- poverty, hunger, employment, international relations. I'm a superstar! Nobel Prize, much?


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