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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grease: You're NOT the ones that I want

I caught a half hour of that show "Grease: You're the One that I Want", which is like American Idol for the forthcoming Broadway show Grease. Horrible.

I don't understand the McDonaldization of pop culture. Haha, isn't that a circular string of logic? Whatever. Maybe it's more like the bastardization of pop culture. I don't really have a problem with them conducting a 'nation-wide' search for talent to cast Grease. Rather, my issue lies with the fact that they didn't really find any talented people. I also assume that anyone who's a 'professional' slashie (singer/actor/dancer/waiter) was excluded from the auditioning process. So effectively the show is being cast with newbies. Untalented newbies.

Of all the people I saw on the show, almost none of them could sing. They were all fairly flat and really just not talented enough to be on Broadway. Not that I'm the best person to judge, but I think my ears can tell if a note is flat -- I mean, all the notes that come out of my mouth are flat, hence I don't sing!

Ultimately, Americans are being subjected and relegated to sub-par entertainment via Reality TV and a lame 'Broadway' cast. When did it come to this?? Is it that everyone is vying for their pathetic 15 minutes of fame that they need to create these bullshit Reality TV shows to accommodate this desire?

In the end, the whole sub-par talent con won't work, since people simply won't go to see Grease on Broadway. It'll get horrible reviews and fail. Alas...


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