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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Potter's Un-Hairy Ass

Oooo, all this excitement, debate, and drama over Harry Potter / Daniel Radcliffe being nude in the new play he's in. Meh, get over it. Here's his ass, so get it out of your system:

I'm kinda not that impressed. They could have photoshopped it so it didn't look as saggy or something. Oh well. Maybe the front's better than the back. And honestly, isn't that what really matters anyway? I'm talking about his face, you know :) Perv.


  • He's hot, I'd do him ;-) But then that's not necessarily saying that much.

    But in regards to his front there is a picture floating around now. Although it is very likely fake. I put it up on my blog if you want to see it.

    By Blogger Artemis Chase, at 2/26/2007 3:17 PM  

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