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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shut Up, Dyke!

I feel like Rosie O'Donnell should spend less time speaking and more time eating. That's really what she wants to do anyway, so why break from her natural desire. First it's the whole pointless tiff with Donald Trump, and now she's moved on to making fun of Asians.

This fat bitch just can't catch a break. Apparently she was confronted about her blatantly ignorant and racist rant and brushed it off as people not being able to take a joke. Well honey, last time I checked, jokes are supposed to be funny. All I heard was canned laughter from the audience, so that doesn't really cut it. I wonder what her equally as dimwitted 'colleagues' on The View were thinking as Rosie went on her "ching chong" tirade. Joy was probably like, "God, I could never get away with this shit on national TV!"

Meanwhile, this Asian guy posted a response to Rosie's comments, which I found to be thought-provoking. See, Asian's are smart! It's kinda cunty, too, which makes it all the better! The best part is "I don't even speak chinese, but I can do a better impression than that!"

Basically, I feel like Asians are the least vocal minority and are constantly being walked over, so I'm glad someone said something about it. LORD knows that if Rosie made some comments that offended black people, she'd be holding a press conference the next day apologizing profusely as fake tears drip down her cheek. But alas, since it's about Asians, there is no press conference.

Gays are somewhere in the middle, I think. It's still socially acceptable to publically rag on homos without extreme repercussions, though just think of the various levels of media outcry if someone called someone else a "Nigger" vs. "Fag" vs. "Chink" on television. Double standards are fun!


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