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Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Wanna be on TV, too??

Dear god, it looks like yet another pathetic judge is vying for his own reality TV show. The judge presiding over Anna Nicole's burial case seems like he's all about the pointless theatrics and less about the actual ruling of the law. The pussy wept during his ruling and apparently would go off on verbose tangents during the trial.

That's just GREAT. As if the American legal system weren't inefficient enough, now we've got judges doing a little song and dance in the hope that they'll land their on "Judge Judy" type show. Sadly, I'm sure some stupid producer out there will give him his own show because, in America, incompetence is rewarded with fame.

Case in point: the case in point -- Anna Nicole Smith. Made famous by her titty-flashing abilities, which was ultimately exacerbated by her utter skank and shamelessness from marrying the dying old rich man, the complete worthlessness of Anna Nicole's life is exactly what made her famous. Why? Because the American public eats that kinda shit up.

Predictions: Someone involved in this whole fiasco (the judge, the parents, the infant daughter, one of the alleged baby-daddies) will get their own reality TV show. God bless America.


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