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Sunday, March 04, 2007

And the year's first Darwin Award goes to.....

... an obese (330lbs!) 26-year old in China for dying as a result of a video game marathon. Fatty, you've got to EAT in between each new level you reach!

I can only assume he died of dehydration or (if it's even possible) starvation. It would be amusing, though, if he were playing Nintendo Wii and died from over-exerting himself. Wouldn't that be crazy!?

The marathon online gaming session took place over the course of 7 days (SEVEN day!!) due to the Lunar New Year. [Side note: when did it change to 'Lunar New Year' Wasn't it always Chinese New Year??? That's like kids now saying "winter break" instead of "Christmas break". WTF.]

Honestly, I think people should spend a little time getting off their ass and un-tethering themselves from their computer and maybe, just maybe, try getting a life! Though clearly this boy didn't have much of a life to live, but still. I know it's ironic that I'm suggesting people go out and get a life while I'm typing this at a computer, but I'm at work and there's really nothing else to do right now. Maybe I'll go on a blogging marathon over the course of 7 days and die from falling on my own sharp tongue. Doubtful.


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