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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How to Make a Black Snake Moan

Get your mind out of the gutter. This isn't about black cock. Sorry to disappoint.

If you haven't seen the movie Black Snake Moan, you betta git 'yo ass out to the movies and see it! It's hands-down one of the best and funniest movies I've seen in a while.

Granted, it's not meant to be a comedy, but seriously, there's some funny shit up on there. Here's the receipe:
  • Start with a scene where Justin Timberlake is fucking some chick. It's just funny watching JT fuck someone, I don't know why. Oh wait, because he throws up shortly thereafter. He has GAD.
  • Mix in a waifish version of Christina Ricci (Trimspa done her good!!) as a crackhead nymphomaniac.
  • Liberally add in some "muh'fuckas" from Samuel L. Jackson (does he even 'act' anymore?)
  • Serve with a side of Southern ebonics and hospitality
And there you have it. I give a thumbs up to any movie that, in the first 15 minutes, include a whitewoman asking a black man if he has any money. Priceless! Even better, said whitewoman is such a nympho-drunk that she gets quasi-raped, beat, and shoved head first out of a pickup truck. Classy!! Only later the next morning is she discovered by Samuel L. Strung out 'black mans kryptonite' on the lawn -- hallelujah! Whitewoman on the lawn! Even better, chained-up whitewoman in the living room!!

Despite the unintentional comedy, the story is actually really good and is a nice reminder that somewhere in Hollywood someone's using their brain. It may be a little camp at times (seems like all Samuel L does these days is camp!), but it's worth the 2+ hours that the movie lasted.


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