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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"I'm from Guadalajara!"

I just downloaded all the pictures from my phone to my computer. I totally forgot that I'd taken a picture of the silly PR girl from the Heatherette runway show, just in case I wanted to scream at someone because of her incompetence.

Betty Suarez, is that you? Honestly, as much as I wanted to hate her for being an absolute doofus, she totally had this "Ugly Betty" quality about her that was kind of endearing. I still think she fantastically sucks at her job and should pursue a career that involves wearing a hat made entirely out of tortilla, but whatever.

I think the best part about this picture is that, in the background, you can see a drag queen walking into the Tents. A motherfuckin' DRAG QUEEN!!! Since when did putting on a wig and oversized pumps automatically equate to free access to things?? Jesus. The next event I do, it'll be no drag queens allowed! Trannies only -- they have to live in those pumps, not just play dress up for the night.


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