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Friday, March 30, 2007

Potpockets at Plumm

Tonight I watched my social life die right before my eyes. I really need to read invites more closely. I thought I was going to a runway show and it ended up just being some random night out at Plumm with straight people.

Now, I thought Plumm was supposed to be nice and "trendy" or whatever, but there was almost nobody there when I arrived. It's almost too embarassing to mention! But I stuck it out because I'm a suck for social obligations.

I'm kinda glad that I stuck around. I ended up having a pretty ok time with my friend and we got to be all "Gorilla's in the Plumm", Jane Goodall-style. I've never really observed straight guys' mating habits at clubs. It's really strange and pathetic. This group of 10 guys comes in and orders a bottle of Cristal. I was real confused at first because it was only guys and they were all chummy. I wanted to go over and be like "Are you guys gay? Or are you just fucking losers??" The answer: the latter.

Turns out that later in the night, they had the waitress round up some ho's to provide them with free Cristal in exchange for their company. This ho ended up with a glass, but there was no exchange. HA! It was actually a really pathetic display. Are straight guys really that lame that they have to resort to spending exorbidant amounts of money just to attract women? And are women that shameless that they'd submit themselves to such transparent tactics?

I chatted it up with this hot blond chick, who was holding a glass of Cristal, and asked her what the fuck was up. She was hilarious. Basically she was offered the glass, took it, and walked away. Score! Later on, one of the guys waved her over and tried to talk to her. I cock-blocked and we continued chatting.

Throughout the night, I kept smelling random clouds of weed. It was kind of a nice break in between waiting for more vodka and/or Cristal to show up. I'm not one to turn down a contact high, but it was hilarious how everyone would react once they smelled it -- like a pig to truffles!

So a part of my social life died tonight... victim of a hit-and-run at Plumm. But at least I got a couple good stories out of it, met a fun chick, and got to spend some Q.T. with my G.F. I guess it was worth it.


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