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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tomorrow! I Love Ya!

As crazy as it sounds, sometimes I wish I were a Musical Theatre (that's "-re" not "-er"! haha) major. It seems like they have so much fun. Well, how could you not have fun when there really isn't much intellectual "work" involved and it's all singing and dancing. It's like majoring in Kickball -- what's not to love??

Just check out this video of this goofy kid singing "Tomorrow" from Annie. I wish I knew how to sing without breaking glass :(

But even though I can't sing, I still wish I could dance. But alas, I can't do that, either. Well, I used to be able to dance, but now all I do is kinda dance from the waist up because I'm at a lounge instead of a club. But if I had any talent, I'd strap on my tights and ease on down the road!

I think I posted that video before, but it's still amusing.


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