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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Poncho Party

I must be the most hyper anal person I know because apparently it's not normal to plan your birthday party two months in advance. HOWEVER, in my defense, I have nothing better to do with my time at the moment and the stuff that I'm planning for my birthday takes a lot of lead time.

But I'm happy as a clam that they sell the hideous Ugly Betty Guadalajara poncho online, which is an integral part of my costume-slash-party theme.


Actually, I do have some competition for my birthday party. My friend's birthday is a week before mine and he's decided to do a big party also. Originally, he was supposed to have a small party, then we'd do a joint one for Gay Dayz at Disney World, then we were going to do mine. But the bitch changed his mind! So now he's gonna have a crazy big party and I have to at least match, if not out do, what he's doing. Pressure's on!! Though, his party concept doesn't require a panel of celebrity judges and two dance performances, so I'm sure mine will be better. Haha!


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