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Thursday, July 26, 2007

"I can't remember why I don't like him"

My friend sent me this hilarious IM conversation that I just had to post. Faggots can be so vicious!! [Note: some names have been changed to protect the innocent. Others have remained the same to condemn the retarded]

Chase (12:13:39 AM): how was the soccer thing?
Kevin (12:13:49 AM): it was alright
Kevin (12:14:04 AM): Tyler went for like $550 and was bought by that annoying kid Alex who I don't like
Chase (12:14:22 AM): Hmm ... remind me who annoying Alex is again...
Chase (12:14:30 AM): there are so many ppl you don't like -- hard to keep track.
Kevin (12:14:46 AM): wvadman_ on Manhunt
Chase (12:15:06 AM): uggg --- i hate him too
Chase (12:15:13 AM): he makes me throw up a little in my mouth
Kevin (12:15:15 AM): HAHAHAHAHA
Kevin (12:15:16 AM): why don't you like him? I can't remember why I don't like him
Chase (12:15:32 AM): he hit on me obsessively at roxy
Chase (12:15:40 AM): try to take advantage of me bc i was drunk
Kevin (12:15:49 AM): that's classy
Chase (12:15:58 AM): and was stalkerish when i saw him after -- he'd walk by me looking all creepy and predatory
Kevin (12:16:00 AM): and now he's buying boys for dates
Chase (12:16:13 AM): look at his hairline! does he really have a choice?
Kevin (12:16:47 AM): HAHAHAHA


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