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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NYC Taxi Strike Annoys Many, Impacts Little

Apparently I was ill-informed this morning as I waited to flag down a taxi to go to work. I had heard my taxi driver the previous day ask another driver if he was striking tomorrow (ie, today), but I thought he was just retarded (he wasn't a very good driver).

But alas, after waiting a good 10 minutes to flag down a cab, to no avail, I ended up walking to work... angrily.

I don't understand the taxi strike. It seems to me that there were still a bunch of taxis on the streets this morning. I thought a strike meant that they don't work. This was just confusing. Apparently this strike was pretty lame and did more to just piss people off than actually make an impact, considering apparently 73% of the taxi cab force was on the road today, versus the normal 93%. That's hardly an impact.

I take issue with this strike for a number of reasons:

1) It was just a confusing annoyance. Not enough cabs were off the road for it to be considered a "strike". A more appropriate moniker would be something more like "collusion" and price-fixing", since the cabbies on the road are charging each passenger $10 per "zone" for a ride. That's bullshit.

2) The general premise of the strike is that the GPS technology is an invasion of their privacy and would allow the use of credit cards, which I assume means they'd have to account for tips on their taxes. First of all, if I have to pay taxes on every bit of income I make, then so do they. Please, most of these people probably are illegal immigrants and aren't paying taxes at all, so I think they can spare some cash. Secondly, the GPS system increases the safety and efficiency of the whole taxi system, and if you don't like it, then don't drive a cab -- do something else.

3) If these cabs are on strike, then why did I see so many driving around the city today. If you're going to strike, stay at home!! Don't clog up the streets with your damn cabs, and certainly don't drive around all day wasting gas an polluting the environment. I even heard one cab honking at another car. If you're on strike and not doing your job, then you've forfeit your right to honk.

My solution to the whole problem is the same solution with any strike situation: fire everyone who's striking, replace them with more competent people, and get the shit back up and running again.

I have a 9am meeting tomorrow and I'm in NO mood to walk to work or take the subway. So these damn cab drivers better get their shit together, suck it up, and realize that Big Brother is watching them whether they like it or not!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Truth Serum

So I'm in the process of having a hilarious conversation with a friend about pretty much nothing. But i'm cutting and pasting in the funny parts, just because...

Friend: omg -- i have the worst question for you
Friend: when you give head do you focus more on the shaft or the head?
Me: head
Friend: ok
Friend: i know it's been a minute
Friend: but what's up with these boys that focus on the shaft
Me: they're stupid
Friend: ok -- so these kids just don't know how to give good head
Me: right

Friend: btw your frenemy was on gaycom today
Me: which one? Jonathan?
Me: Eli?
Me: Shane?
Friend: dan
Me: or Aaron?
Me: oh, hahahahahha
Friend: Girl you haven't added him to the frenemy list yet?
Me: bitch please.. did you see how many names I tossed out??

Me: omg, I'm totally gonna write a blog thingy about that
Me: just cut and paste!
Friend: our conversations are stimulating lots of blog postings
Friend: is it b/c you're high?
Me: little bit. But yeah, cuz 1) they're interesting, and 2) I'm fuckin' lazy and don't liek to write anymore
Me: uhhh, maybe it's funny cuz i'm high... but I'm not THAT high
Friend: i can tell
Friend: your blog has become your red headed step child
Me: seriously... and you KNOW i'm not into fire crotch