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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Truth Serum

So I'm in the process of having a hilarious conversation with a friend about pretty much nothing. But i'm cutting and pasting in the funny parts, just because...

Friend: omg -- i have the worst question for you
Friend: when you give head do you focus more on the shaft or the head?
Me: head
Friend: ok
Friend: i know it's been a minute
Friend: but what's up with these boys that focus on the shaft
Me: they're stupid
Friend: ok -- so these kids just don't know how to give good head
Me: right

Friend: btw your frenemy was on gaycom today
Me: which one? Jonathan?
Me: Eli?
Me: Shane?
Friend: dan
Me: or Aaron?
Me: oh, hahahahahha
Friend: Girl you haven't added him to the frenemy list yet?
Me: bitch please.. did you see how many names I tossed out??

Me: omg, I'm totally gonna write a blog thingy about that
Me: just cut and paste!
Friend: our conversations are stimulating lots of blog postings
Friend: is it b/c you're high?
Me: little bit. But yeah, cuz 1) they're interesting, and 2) I'm fuckin' lazy and don't liek to write anymore
Me: uhhh, maybe it's funny cuz i'm high... but I'm not THAT high
Friend: i can tell
Friend: your blog has become your red headed step child
Me: seriously... and you KNOW i'm not into fire crotch


  • PS - I don't really dislike fire-crotch. In fact, I like any crotch, fire- or otherwise, that will have me :)

    There, I said it. I'm a big ol' whore. But I assume you knew that already. Maybe my name gave it away? Your powers of perception never fail you...

    By Blogger gothamwhore, at 1/13/2008 11:37 PM  

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