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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You Must Not Know 'Bout Me

So I was just hanging out and this song suddenly popped into my head.

At first it made me think of the video with that cute little boy doing a whole dance routine to it. But then I started listening to the lyrics and realized that Beyonce is an angry nutcase ... and that I can totally relate! Work it out!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Gotta Get Off the Internet

So I'm just chillin at my computer with gay.com on in the background because I have nothing better to do while I'm cleaning my apt. Then I get this wonderful message:

i'll blow you for 50.00
i need 50.00 and i will blow you to get it
dude, you're like 35 ... why do you need to blow someone for $50??
well, i really need 500.00
but i am not sure how to get it
so, life sucks for me
don't you have a job?
i certainly tdo
but i need more money
well good luck, I guess...
if you know of anything, i will do just about anything
well, safe
I can't think of anything. sorry
what do you need the money for?
id rather not tell you

Will somebody please save me from myself??? What the hell is going on??

Saturday, October 13, 2007

An Important Question

If I were this queeny and flaming, would people still want to fuck / date me?

This boy is a bit ridiculous, but I find him extremely amusing. Part of me wishes I could just queen out like him, but then my frosted side is thinking I'd never get another date again. The irony is that this kid has a boyfriend. Madness!!!

Anyway, this was really more about the highly entertaining video than anything else. This kid cracks my shit up!