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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Gotta Get Off the Internet

So I'm just chillin at my computer with gay.com on in the background because I have nothing better to do while I'm cleaning my apt. Then I get this wonderful message:

i'll blow you for 50.00
i need 50.00 and i will blow you to get it
dude, you're like 35 ... why do you need to blow someone for $50??
well, i really need 500.00
but i am not sure how to get it
so, life sucks for me
don't you have a job?
i certainly tdo
but i need more money
well good luck, I guess...
if you know of anything, i will do just about anything
well, safe
I can't think of anything. sorry
what do you need the money for?
id rather not tell you

Will somebody please save me from myself??? What the hell is going on??


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