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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Government Always Succeeds in Failing Us

CNN published an article stating that 21,000 people who shouldn't have been allowed into the US were mistakenly let in last year. Thankfully (allegedly) none of the people wrongfully let into the country were a threat.

If our country is so hyper-paranoid about terrorist invaders, how could something like this happen? Aren't countless billions of dollars being poured into bullshit agencies like Homeland Security and the like? What is happening with this money?

The Customs and Border Protection agency is blaming insufficient training and understaffing as the two main causes of this mistake. I don't understand citing "insufficient training" as an excuse.
GAO investigators arriving at one point of entry found no border agents in the inspection booth, while at other locations, agents didn't ask for travel documents, according to the report.
To me, that doesn't seem like insufficient training and understaffing, it sounds more like utter incompetence and absenteeism / slacking off. I don't think border agents need to be "trained" to ask for travel documents when someone's crossing the border. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that kinda the whole point of their job?? Well, other than sitting in their booth watching Oprah -- oh wait, they're not even doing that!

I hope this isn't used as another excuse to provide more funding for Homeland Security issues. Rather, this incident should be used as an example of the utter incompetence of our Government, providing sub-par service to its citizens.


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