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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Holy Spandex, Batman!

So I have this bad habit of taking pictures of people who are horribly dressed in public with my camera phone. It's kind of a hobby, actually. Well, at the very least the challenge of taking someone's picture without them knowing it entertains me. My friends usually aren't amused, though, since I shamelessly go after them once I spot something trifling.

By the way, the picture quality kinda sucks because I switched to an iPhone and, well, nothing's perfect.

Anyway, it seems that tights are making a comeback amongst the fashionably challenged:

And for the fashionably impaired, a trip to the movies is apparently cause to break out the purple tights, and round out the eyesore outfit with a Patricia Field Cadillac handbag:

You would think that people in the city would be able to dress themselves better, but I guess that's a faulty assumption. Although, maybe they think they're being stylish, which is entirely plausible. However, they're failing miserably at it.


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