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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Look Book - Two Little Faglings

Because I love New York Magazine's "Look Book" so much, I've decided to pay homage to it the only way I know how -- by criticizing the hell out of it.

The February 11th Look Book features two little student faglings, Steven Gutierrez and Anthony James in their over-the-top, cliche outfits du jour.

I actually don't mind the outfits at all, particularly if they were worn by women instead of little boys, but it's more the content of their interview that irks me.

Aside from the fact that, based on the way they respond, they are clearly New York neophytes, the one -- Steven in particular -- is just a typical faggot, sugar daddy and all:

Where did you get your outfits?
STEVEN: All over, but my boyfriend got me the bag. I think he got it on Fifth Avenue.

Is he into fashion?
STEVEN: He’s very Ralph Lauren. He’s more like a gentleman kind of type. He’s very country club. He’s a golf instructor somewhere. Orlando, maybe? I don’t know. I don’t talk to him much about it.

Fifth Avenue is kind of a big stretch of street. Maybe he could just open his purse and read the label, then he'd know where the bag came from. Just a thought.

My heart is always warmed when I hear of the loving relationship between a "gentleman kind of type" who gives "somewhere from Fifth Avenue" bags to their young student boyfriends who don't really know that much about him. I guess it's hard to really know your sugar daddy boyfriend when you're in New York and he's in "Orlando, maybe?"


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