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Monday, September 29, 2008

I love Sarah Palin

She's the best comedian on the scene today. Wait -- what? She's not a comedian? She's the Vice Presidential candidate? Hmmm... now that's not as funny.

BUT, we can still laugh at her, even if we're not laughing with her. She seems to be (believe it or not) even MORE clueless than Bush in interviews:

With Katie Couric

With Charles Gibson

I mean, can someone just keep interviewing her? We'll never run out of material!

Can't wait for the VP debates this Thursday. It's like a scheduled train-wreck. Too good to pass up!

Ok, the ONE good thing about Sarah Palin: she's made SNL funny again!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Deadbeat Dad

So I've totally become a deadbeat dad to my blog baby -- completely neglecting it, paying it no nevermind, and essentially abandoning it for something less time-consuming.

But I'm going to start making an effort to post more crap on here so all you 3 readers out there will have something to stare at mindlessly in between hour-long sessions on xtube.  So fear not.

Checking for Gay

I found this clip from American Dad and thought it was pretty funny.